How to Optimize the Principle Pages on Your Website

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There are four pages on your website that are the most important, and likely the most visited. These are:

  •  Home Page
  • About Page
  • Blog
  • Contact Page

As these are often the pages that draw the most traffic to your site, it is of utmost importance to make sure that these pages are optimized not just for traffic and search rankings, but also for the users themselves. It is often too easy to concentrate on your SEO or platform ranking and overlook the fact that there is a living individual on the other side of your site.

When optimizing your website for the user it is critical to remember two questions:

Why Are They Here?

What are they looking for on your website? Users have come to your site for a reason, and that is to find something that they are looking for. Remember not to load your home page up with too much information; otherwise they are unlikely to retain it all. Videos, photos, diagrams etc. are all good tools to use here.

What Do You Want Them To Do?

There is always a reason for you to want people to come to your site. What is the point of your website? What do you require from the user? It is here that you need to have an obvious CTA (Call To Action), so that it is easy for the user to naturally do what you are asking of them.

Below are a few tips to optimize your most important pages:

Home Page:

  • Have a big headline, and make sure important information is the center of attention.
  • Make CTAs as prominent and large as possible. A home page may be able to hold a few CTAs, make sure that they are easily accessed with big buttons.
  • Navigation should be easy and obvious.

About Page:

  • All important and relevant information should be readable without having to scroll down.
  • Another CTA should be included.

Blog Page:

  • The most important thing on a blog page is that it is organized correctly. Most recent articles and the most popular articles should be easily accessed before any other articles. You can arrange by date, topic, popularity or anything that keeps your blog neat and easily navigated.
  • Include CTAs in the sidebars and other core areas of your blog, so that they are noticeable and easily accessed.

Contact Page:

  • Your page should include your phone number, email address, map, contact form etc. These should all be above the fold of the page so that the user doesn’t need to scroll down to access the information.
  • CTAs here should be easy to use and obvious. Good CTAs for the contact page include things like ‘Chat To Us’ options.

Having these four pages optimized for the user is one of the most important qualities on your website. If these pages are easy to navigate and engaging it is more likely that your consumers will stay on your site and do whatever it is you are asking of them.


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