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You know the old adage, to be where your customers are? Well, these days, your customers are online. In fact, Canadians spend more time online per month than any other nation in the world except for the United States, and whether it’s passive browsing through social media feeds or online shopping or booking sunny beach vacations, online users are still and always susceptible to advertising that’s clever, relevant and useful. Advertising like yours.

The question is, is anyone seeing it?

Whether your product is weight loss or tax filing or boat cruises, the name of the game isn’t just to be online, it’s to be found online. Just as a small shop tucked away in a low-traffic corner of the mall might go unnoticed next to the retail giants, so too might your website if it appears too far down in the major search engine results pages. If you’re tired of relying on word-of-mouth and would like the web to start driving business through your (real or virtual) doors, you need an SEO firm that’s going to help you get discovered.

How to get more visitors to your website

Yes, once someone lands on your landing page, they aren’t exactly a paying customer yet. Maybe they’re just looking for information, stumbled across your site accidentally, or are just using you for your blog (that’s a good thing by the way). But all of that can’t even happen at all, if people can’t find you in the first place. The uncomfortable truth for most businesses is that statistically, the majority of all web traffic results from the first page of search engine results. That means when people type in a search query like ‘landscaper in Toronto’, they aren’t going to bother to click through dozens of results; no one has that kind of time. If your business doesn’t appear front and centre, whether it’s because of poor site design or a lack of search engine optimization activities, most people will never find it. Being on page 7 of a search engine or being on page 77, or page 777,777, doesn’t make a whole lot of difference; you’re still in obscurity.

Entrepreneurs with bricks-and-mortar businesses may wonder why it’s so important to be found on the web. After all, if you’re not selling anything online, customers must still come into the store to make a purchase; won’t they just find you through foot traffic or traditional marketing methods such as billboards, radio and print ads? In today’s changing marketplace though, an overwhelming majority of customers go online before making a purchase – to find out more about your story, read about your products and services, compare pricing, check out reviews, and even get your vibe. Whether they can find you on the web – and once found, what you display – can make the difference between a shopper kicking the tires and a customer signing on the dotted line.

Taking your website from obscurity to centre stage requires custom tailored SEO strategies that are based on cutting edge techniques proven to achieve results for your business. It all starts with understanding who’s actively looking for you (and who might be, with a little persuasion); what exactly these people are looking for; and how they’re going about finding businesses like yours. True, getting site visitors is just the beginning, but it’s an essential beginning without which building customer loyalty just isn’t going to happen.

Ready to start getting more site visitors now? Click here to arrange your hassle free, cost free, obligation free, just plain free meeting with one of our SEO specialists. We’ll talk about your needs and devise a plan to reliably get you the web traffic you need to maintain your competitive edge.

Let’s talk SEO

Our team of SEO specialists are industry leaders who come from the business world. We know enough to keep your business ahead of the curve, and we care enough to make sure you stay there. How do you get to the top of the heap? Well first of all, SEO isn’t a single service but a suite of techniques that, when employed in concert together and with other digital marketing initiatives, amplifies your results. With the proliferation of websites all advertising similar services, SEO helps differentiate you from the pack. Because SEO itself is ever-changing, a professional SEO firm like Fade Digital is a must to ensure that you’re staying on top of your site traffic stats and continually gaining ground in organic search engine rankings.

AtFade Digital, our full suite of SEO services includes:

  • Full audit of your website
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Industry and competition analysis
  • On-page professional SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Mobile SEO
  • Video SEO
  • Fresh content marketing/creation
  • Conversion optimization
  • Behavioural analytics
  • Reporting/Tracking
  • Link building
  • A/B Testing

Remember, that’s just the SEO portion of what we, as a full service online marketing firm in Toronto, offer to our valued clients of all shapes and sizes. Our other services, in conjunction with SEO, can truly help you make the most of the web; we offer budget-friendly packages to meet the needs of businesses in Toronto and all over Canada, or you can choose to focus on just the SEO component – whatever works best for your business.

Your bottom line: raising the bar on SEO

As we’ve stressed, getting more visitors to your site is really just the beginning. We also optimize your website and landing pages to lower your bounce rate, and continuously test and refine our campaigns based on metrics that will let you see just how well we’re really doing. Our proven team of SEO masters will use their creative and scientific know-how to expand your online presence and drive more interested shoppers to your website, where our expert site-building techniques will ensure shoppers stick around long enough to find out how great you are.

Stop wondering whether you are doing SEO right and leave it to Fade Digital…the SEO firm of choice for more and more successful businesses in the GTA and beyond. Call today to book a consultation and discover what a professional SEO firm can do for you.

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