Copywriting Strategies to Boost Conversion Rates

There are two ways to increase your sales. You can increase your traffic, under the reasonably safe assumption that there will always be a percentage of people who will purchase your product once they learn about it. Increasing your traffic is do-able with a little bit of luck and a whole lot of SEO wizardry. Unfortunately, this can often be a time-consuming and expensive process.

The other method to increase sales is to increase your conversion rate. In essence, this means taking the traffic you already have and engaging with those people more effectively. The best way to increase your conversion rate is through content. Done correctly, your content can function as a top-notch salesperson!

Here are the 6 steps to boost your conversion rates with copywriting:

  1. Identify the Desires of Your Customers

There’s a classic rule in advertising: You can’t make customers want your product. What you can do, however, is tap into the existing desires of your customers. Then your copy can convince them that your product is the solution.

Here are the three areas to research:

  • Analytics data
  • Customer reviews and social media posts on your brand’s social media platforms
  • Customer surveys
  1. Provide a Solution

Re-state your customer’s desire in plain language. This lets your potential customers know you understand their needs. Then promise to provide a solution to their issue. Let people know your brand is the best option.

To do this, speak directly to the customer by using the word “you” as often as possible. Highlight the specific, detailed factors which make your brand stand out from the competition.

  1. Keep Your Content Positive

Don’t attack your competitors or dwell on the negatives problems your potential customers might be facing. Instead, focus on all the amazing things which can be found with your product or service. People respond to positive messages in a big way.

Positive content is more likely to go viral than negative content. People share content which makes them feel happy. You can increase the positivity in your message by using:

  • Clear, direct phrases
  • Flattering phrases directed towards your reader
  • Humor
  1. Tell a Story

Even if you have a great product, product descriptions are almost never very interesting. People don’t want to read detailed specifications. They want to read about other people.

Your content should tell a story. This can be a story about how somebody used your product to change their life for the better. You can also tell a story about the people who founded your company or organization. The more unique and personal your tale, the better people are able to relate. A personal story often has universal appeal.

  1. Encourage Action

At the end of the day, your content should be used to begin the conversion process. So you want to encourage your user to take action. This could be signing up for your newsletter, reading another piece of content or anything else which requires people to further engage with your brand.

But don’t overdo it! People become annoyed and confused if they’re asked to take too many actions at once. Don’t bombard your customers with requests to sign up for newsletters, follow you on Facebook, use your hashtag and take multiple other actions.

Ideally, you’ll want one call-to-action at the end of your content. This will be a clear, large button saying something like “Sign Me Up!” or “Send Me More Info.” Keep your call-to-action simple and direct.

  1. Address Objections

Potential customers will naturally attempt to identify any reasons why they shouldn’t purchase your product or service. Use your content to address all common objections. Some examples include:

  • Offer a money-back guarantee to satisfy concerns about product function.
  • Offer payment plans or a free trial to satisfy concerns about price.
  • Show testimonials to satisfy concerns about brand trustworthiness.

Content is Your Best Way to Increase Conversions

Killer content is the best way to improve the conversion rate of your existing traffic. Keep your message positive, address common objections, understand the needs of your audience and present your solution in the form of a story. These six simple copywriting techniques will lead to a loyal audience and increased sales!


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