Is Your Business Tall, Grande, or Venti?

Maybe you’ve finally decided that working for other people just doesn’t fit your personality and skills, and despite what your family and your college and your bosses at those first menial jobs told you, you are okay with that. It doesn’t mean you’re never going to amount to anything; far from it. You are going to leave working for others to the monkey butlers, and hang out your own shingle.

Maybe you made that decision five, ten or fifteen years ago, and what used to be a shingle is now a brass plaque on the door of your incredibly successful, employee-hiring, tax-credit-receiving, common-share-issuing business.

Either way, whether you are just putting your toe in, running a busy one-man show, or commanding a fleet, it just isn’t possible to do everything yourself and still succeed; outsourcing things that fall outside your particular expertise or desire is a must. And even business owners who are content at their current size and level of business know that in today’s ever-changing, competitive marketplace, the metaphorical wolf is never far from the door. The crucial time to ask the question “What’s next for our business?” is always NOW.

So what does a business of any size, in any industry, need today? 

The long answer: A business partner whose single objective is to ensure that your business grows and thrives by developing your online presence from puny to powerful. A strategy that reflects the current market conditions and is cohesive in producing a valuable yet profitable result.

The short answer: Academic Ads

Academic Ads is a Toronto internet marketing company, one of many that promises to handle your online affairs. What makes Academic Ads different is that we are a full service online marketing firm – a one stop shop for all your online needs – with a proven track record helping some pretty large and influential clients manage their social media, SEO, content development, web development, pay-per-click advertising and more – all under one roof!

What that means to you, the busy business owner/independent contractor/marketing director, is that you don’t have to find a writer and a web developer and an ad-writer and a social media specialist who are willing and able to work together as a team, and who share your vision, and can produce what you want on your timetable and within your budget. We already have all those people. Good people, on one side: yours.

Besides proven results and a diverse client base of large, medium and small companies ranging from your local restaurant, grocery store and locksmith all the way to international pharmaceutical companies and post-secondary institutions, we also offer…

  • Full transparency and honesty in our advertising campaigns. No hidden fees or mysterious mojo being worked behind the scenes. You, the client, work with us directly, with full access to the accounts to verify the work being reported on
  • Call tracking and conversion tracking that’s high tech but understandable, so you can see exactly what is working and do more of that
  • A lasting approach to a company’s SEO efforts. We stay up to date with Google and follow Google’s Best Practices to help you achieve measurable, sustainable, grow-able results
  • Marketing focused website development. We build websites for the purpose of marketing. We apply proven methods to the development of the site to ensure it ranks well in Google and responds well with customers.
  • Results-driven solutions to get your customers in contact with you via sales, emails, or telephone calls.

As a Toronto online marketing company for businesses of all types and sizes, Academic Ads has a custom solution that will take your business to the next level. And who doesn’t want that?

Call us or click today to have a conversation about how Academic Ads can help whatever it is you make – make more money.

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