6 Tips for Designing Better Opt-In Forms

Design is extremely important, especially when you’re trying to convince visitors to hand over their personal information. If they don’t feel comfortable because of the design of your website or the forms, you’re leaving huge amounts of money on the table.

Creating more attractive forms is a sure way to increase the conversion rate of those visitors that land on your lead generation page.


Top Aligned Field Labels

The purpose of field labels should be to show the visitor what information they need to fill into the box. Some websites have decided to include this label inside the field itself, but this isn’t always the clearest way.

Instead, it’s often best to align the field label directly above the field itself. This makes it far easier to see what information is required, but it also looks much cleaner and more professional.


Validate Fields

With advances in website technology, we can now validate the information that users input, before they even click the submit button. This is a great way to boost your conversion rate because it allows them to quickly correct the info rather than having to start over.

Validating fields is crucial for creating a modern and well-designed form that people want to fill in. Your design goal should be to make the form attractive, but also simple and quick for users to complete.


Use a Powerful CTA

You might believe that just including the form on your page is enough and it’s understandable that you’d think that. But even those people that land on your lead generation page might need a little push to fill out the form.

The best way to do this is to include a powerful call to action above the form. This is likely to come in the form of an attractive button that opens the form. The most important decision to make is how this button looks and what the text on it reads.

We would suggest that you make the button a bright color that stands out and use the text to tell the reader to “Fill in our SUPER short form…” etc. etc.


Use Validation to Encourage The Visitor

An excellent way to reduce the number of dropped forms, i.e., the number of people that fill in some information but never complete the form, is to add encouragement on the side of the form.

The best way to do this is to use check marks upon the field being validated and then to use social validation to encourage them to complete the form. This could mean that you show the number of people that have completed the form on the side of the page.


Add Facebook Integration

Finally, one of the biggest improvements that you can make to the design, accessibility and conversion rate, is to allow Facebook integration.

This means that you will allow people to complete the form by logging into Facebook. This works by using the information on their Facebook page to automatically fill in the form. Not only that, but you’ll also have a record of their Facebook account which you can use to market directly to them. Awesome, right?

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