3 Common Lead Generation Problems

Lead generation is one of the most important reasons for local businesses to create a website. It can bring in leads that will hopefully convert into paying customers, driving revenue for the business.

Unfortunately, some local businesses make small mistakes in their lead generation that can cause a huge reduction in the effectiveness of their website. By solving these issues, you should boost your form completion rate, increasing the number of leads you get each month.


Lack of CTA’s

One of the biggest mistakes that business owners and marketers make with their lead generation strategy is that they lack calls to action. It’s crucial that you ask the customers to take action because they are unlikely to decide to fill in the form of their own accord.

We would recommend that you include at least one CTA in each piece of content that you create. These CTA’s should ideally encourage the reader to take a small action like filling in a form or signing up for an email sequence.

Strategically using these CTA’s throughout your website will increase the chance of a single viewer becoming a lead.

If your only lead generation tactic is on your homepage and you have no CTA’s in your blog content to drive people to the forms, those posts are almost useless. The whole point of most websites is to drive people to fill in forms, without these calls to action you’re leaving money on the table.


Failing to Educate Customers Effectively

The reason that most businesses should be creating blog and article content is that this content can help to educate customers. Of course, this will also drive extra visitors to your website who come purely for this content.

By educating customers, you can move them through the sales cycle, closer to the point where they are ready to check out. The mentality behind this is that although the customer might not be ready to checkout today if you educate them, then they will buy with you when the time comes.

With a lead generation business, most leads are worth 4-figures or more, so educating just a single extra person each month could drive your profits through the roof.


Asking for Too Much Information

When you’re generating leads, you want to take as much information as possible because information is extremely valuable.

However, people are very protective over their personal information and the more that you ask for, the fewer people will fill in the form. You’re performing a balancing act, and in general, the winners are on the side of quantity over quality.

It’s better to ask for less information and to get more people filling in the forms than every single piece of information about just a single person.

Prioritize the information that you need to be able to convert that lead into a customer; that means that you need their name, email address and possibly their phone number.

Any more than that and you’re taking unnecessary information that people might be unwilling to give up.

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