3 Tips for Increasing the Quality of Your Website Leads

You can increase the quantity of leads that you get as much as you want, but if they are low quality, then it’s unlikely to correlate to an increase in revenue. What you want are more high quality leads that are ready to pull out their credit cards.

There are two ways to do this; target high quality leads in the first place, or you can convert low quality leads into high quality leads. Both of these are ideal methods for improving the quality of the people filling in your forms and will lead to an increased conversion rate.


Target Buying Website Traffic

Arguably the best method for getting higher quality leads is just to target better traffic. If the traffic that is coming to your website is unfiltered and unrelated to your business, it’s unlikely that any of those people will become customers.

When you’re looking at potential website traffic, you need to consider how far into the buying funnel those people are. Ideally, all of your traffic is right at the end and is ready to buy today.

The way to access this kind of traffic is to find a way to drive traffic to your website that are already educated about the benefits of your service and who has compared the other options.

With organic search traffic from Google, these people are likely to be searching for phrases like “best XYZ” or “ABC review.” These queries suggest that they are looking to compare competing services or to hear reviews of your service.

The searcher intent is in the final research stage, and they are almost ready to purchase, they just need to read a compelling sales page.


Filter and Tag Your Leads

Once you’ve had people fill out your lead generation form, you should start to filter those people and tag them in your lead generation software. This will allow you to only spend your time on those leads that are most likely to convert.

More importantly than that, you can begin to deal with separate groups of leads in different ways. For example; if someone is only willing to spend a small amount of money it might be better for you to send them emails to educate them more.


Educate Your Visitors

Once they receive these educational emails, they’ll be able to discover the benefits of paying more for your premium services. Educating potential customers is an important stage in your sales process.

The best part about educating through articles is that you don’t need to spend your time on those visitors until they are more educated and willing to spend money on your services.

The problem with uneducated leads is that they require a huge amount of your time. They are likely to ask silly questions and might not understand the way that you deliver your product or service.

Instead, it’s better to educate them first so that they have a better understanding of the process, as well as the benefits that they should expect to receive. This makes it less likely that they will come back unhappy about the finished product or service.

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