Mobile Marketing and Tap-to-Call Advertising

As mobile marketing continues to evolve, marketers are trying out new tricks designed to make things easier for buyers. Now, of course, this is made in the interest of influencing them to buy more or catching their attention in various ways.  With more and more users using cell phones, smartphones, tablets and the like, it makes more sense now than ever to be using some sort of mobile marketing strategy to remain competitive.

One of the newest, most interesting tools that the modern marketer uses for this goal is called a “tap-to-call” mobile website.

What Is a Tap-to-Call Website?


To get straight to the point, a tap-to-call mobile website is a site that has not only been configured to provide quick and easy access on mobile devices, such as Android and iOS based phones, but also allows users to call actual phone numbers by simply tapping a link or button available on the website.

This whole trick is, of course, designed to provide mobile phone owners with a more user-friendly experience as they access your website, and since business is based on generating improved leads and sales, providing your clients with a simple and comfortable interface they can use is obviously an essential part of the process.

The Convenience of Tap-to-Call Links

Now, there are several factors that may influence whether or not your online business is actually successful, but one of the most important of them is to transform it into a convenient online presentation that anyone can easily understand and profit from.

So, let’s see exactly why tap-to-call websites are considered to be convenient, straightforward and easy to use:

  • First of all, as mentioned, most mobile devices people use are smartphones that also allow you to call phone numbers, so the number one advantage to having a tap-to-call link is that people can access it and call your phone number straight from your landing page.
  • It also saves a lot of time, and most people – particularly business owners who don’t have much time on their hands – will love the idea of a tap-to-call button.
  • The page containing the tap-to-call link can still contain any other means of contact, such as email addresses, physical addresses or fax numbers.
  • Last, but definitely not least, anyone who visits your page can call the number you’ve placed there without dialing it. This adds a whole new spin to the idea of using the internet to avoid wasting time and effort, and most people will consider it a bold new initiative.

Can Tap-to-Call Mobile Websites Improve Your Sales?

Maximizing your sales and profits is not an easy task no matter what advanced tools and accessories you use. The simplicity of tap-to-call mobile websites, however, have become very popular lately, as more and more companies have achieved success by adding a simple, yet “persuasive” tap-to-call link to their website design.

Creating such a link is as simple as building links to any URL; however, apart from the benefits already mentioned, tap-to-call buttons or links also have a remarkable power to influence sales for 3 simple reasons:

  • People who call your business number are more likely to actually buy something than those who just browse the internet – and it’s easier to convince them if they do call.
  • A phone number will make your company much more trustworthy, as people will be more inclined to take you seriously if they can have a chat with you on the phone than just by taking a look at your online offer.
  • Smartphone owners love the option of calling to order anything, since unlike a computer, they can take their phones virtually anywhere as they travel.

Even though this method does not guarantee increased leads or sales in every case, statistics show that smartphone users accessing tap-to-call mobile websites are far more likely to actually call the company – either to order a product, get additional information or find the answer to a specific question – if they find a tap-to-call button than if they need to close their browser and actually dial the number into their phones.

Feel free to contact us today to see how a mobile optimized website/landing page can increase conversions and make it easier for potential clients to get in touch with you!

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