Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

The start of a new year is a great time to reevaluate and reaffirm your digital marketing efforts. A big part of success is understanding which way the industry winds are blowing. The earlier you can spot a trend, the earlier you can act. Here’s a complete look at digital marketing trends 2017:

In-Store Deals

Mobile marketing is already connected to a user’s physical location. Previously, this has been consumer initiated, like when somebody uses their smartphone to find the closest grocery store in an unfamiliar neighborhood.

For 2017, watch for a different kind of interaction between location and user. Brands will reach out to smart devices based on physical proximity. People seem ready for more of this interaction. Almost three-quarters of millennials are open to receiving location-based ads. In-store marketing is poised to grow substantially, especially in the restaurant and retail spaces.

Native Content

Mobile users show a willingness to receive marketing messages related to a nearby physical location. But people are also showing an increasing resistance to other forms of “push” marketing. Expect an increase in native content.

Native content is sponsored stories and articles which don’t initially appear to be ads. This year native content is expected to account for over $17 billion worth of ad spends. As users increasingly turn to ad blockers, ad types like pop-ups and banners are losing effectiveness. Expect to see an increase in more subtle, less intrusive advertising on social media.

Video Marketing

Last year, over 50% of all content marketing plans included video. That number is certainly only going to increase in 2017. Aside from an increase in video generally, we’ll also likely see an increase in video on Facebook specifically.

Facebook Live had a successful 2016. Internal Facebook data revealed users were 10 times more likely to comment on a Facebook Live video than any other type of video.

There’s really no one type of video which stands out as better than the rest, which is good news for internet marketers with any sized budget. Instructional videos, webinars, comedy videos, product demos, how-to guides and more are all going to help you connect with your audience.

Personalized Browsing

The days of simply inserting a customer’s first name into an email are long gone. More than ever, customers expect their browsing experience to be automatically tailored to their needs.

Personalization isn’t just a welcome addition; lack of personalization can cause customers to leave. Almost three-fourths of all customers become frustrated when they see content not relevant to what they expected and searched for.

Start the Year Off Right

Predicting marketing trends isn’t an exact science. But the trends mentioned above are backed by history and data. You’ll want to develop your marketing strategies with a forward-thinking attitude.

What digital marketing trends for 2017 are you most interested in? How are you planning to adjust your marketing strategies throughout the year? Share your thoughts in the comment section below:

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