How To Boost Your Website Conversion Rates

Lead generation businesses live and die by their conversion rate. At the end of the day you can have as much website traffic as you want, but if none of those convert into paying customers, then you’re still hungry at the end of the month.

Boosting your conversion rate is often far easier than creating a massive increase in traffic, and it has the potential to skyrocket your income. Converting just a single extra lead per month can be a huge revenue boost for some local businesses.


Increase Your Page Speed

Studies have shown that a slow page speed is one of the primary reasons why visitors would click back and not even visit the website. Not only that but if the form loads slowly then your visitors might not be patient enough to wait to fill it in.

Plenty of times we’ve filled in forms but then upon clicking submit we had to wait for 10-seconds or more for the form to be submitted. Is it any surprise that people click back and cancel their form submission?

This is tragic because those visitors were willing to complete your form, they just couldn’t justify waiting so long for your website to load.


Use a More Attractive Design

Just as visitors might be unwilling to fill in your forms because of your slow loading pages, they might also be unwilling because of the way that your page looks.

The reality is that by filling in your lead generation forms, they are entrusting you with their personal information. Unfortunately, if your website looks dated or unattractive, then visitors are likely to think that you aren’t updating your website regularly.

In this case, they might be unwilling to hand over their personal information to a website that they feel like they can’t trust.


Educate Your Customers First

If you want to improve your conversion rate, then you should be trying to educate the visitors that come to your website. Not all of those visitors will be ready to purchase or fill in a form right away; they might not even understand the benefits of your service or product.

To overcome this, it’s important that your website has a section that you can use to educate your visitors until they are ready to pull out their credit cards.


Ask for Less Information

If you’re asking for too much information then you have two problems; you deter people who are unwilling to give up too much personal information, and you deter people who are too lazy to fill in a huge form.

The way to overcome both of these problems is the same; ask for less information. In most cases, it’s best to ask only for the information that you need, i.e., their name, email, and budget.


Use Visible CTA’s

Regardless of how targeted your traffic is, they need to be aware of your lead generation forms before they can fill them in. This means that you need to include visible CTA’s throughout your website to convince your visitors to visit your form and fill it in.

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