Staying Ahead of The Ever Evolving Google Algorithm

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So as many of you know Google is always changing. The way Google changes is by moving, adapting or re-arranging their algorithm. Over this past year Google has made some very drastic changes that have affected many businesses organic ranking or placement within the search engine. In essence, putting some companies from the first page when being searched to being nowhere to be found or having no stability from one day to the next as to where they will be placed.

First it was the Humming Bird update. This update now forces companies to be active and create quality content on a regular basis and share this content across as many platforms as possible. The more the content, articles, or posts are shared liked followed or re-tweeted the more recognition Google awards you. We are now seeing this strategy tie in to a majority of our Search Engine Optimization strategies in order to provide the best possible result. Yes it still takes time but the SEO rankings are well worth it!

Next it was the Penguin 2.0 update. This basically took away from older strategies such as back linking and Meta tag refreshment and a few other practices that used to be the bread and butter of the Search Engine Optimization marketplace. Now Google is looking at Home Page optimization, blogging, and a long list of other qualities that reflect a higher page rank position and show much more growth and stability for groups who are using SEO. One of the biggest disappointments is that these updates both happened with very little warning and even less available knowledge as to how the would effect a business’s organic placement.

When these updates took place we saw long standing domains who had been in the top 3 for a list of keywords move anywhere from 3 to 100 positions within a week. So we took it upon ourselves to test the newest Google algorithm with different strategies to see what was working and what wasn’t. Our findings basically came to a conclusion that Google is weighing heavily on social media platforms and a business’s activities in order to grant quality placement. Ultimately they want to cater to the biggest and best brands out there so the system won’t be gamed by spam back links any more.

Fade Digital offers Search Engine Optimization as one of our key services so determining what is going to work vs. what was going to fail was essential to us and also to our clientele. So we went the extra mile to provide a sure fit method to grow and improve any clients Organic Placement. The methodology we have in place has shown favorable results to all of our clients who have taken part in it. This requires regular article submission, content creation, social media growth, as well as Google reviews, and circle shares and the list goes on. The good news is we take care of all of this for you.

If you have any questions in regards to Search Engine Optimization please feel free to call us at any time as we are a full service group that can handle all of your online needs. We offer everything from Website development, Pay per Click Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and of course Social Media management and branding. I am sure Google has more surprises in store for us this year but rest assured Fade Digital will be doing everything it takes to provide quality results in our SEO solution.

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