What You Need to Know About the New Messenger and Marketplace Facebook Advertising

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Facebook has recently announced that Messenger ads are “going global.” The decision comes after successful beta tests of the ads in Australia and Thailand. Currently, 1.2 billion users are active each month on Messenger. This fact makes it a logical step for Facebook advertising.

Also, Facebook’s Marketplace is launching ads. According to a Facebook spokesperson who talked to Kurt Wagner of Recode, the use of these Marketplace ads is only in a testing stage at this point. Find out what else you need to know about these two new advertising opportunities.

Ad Appearance and User Interaction in Messenger

Before now, the only way that users interacted with ads on Messenger was from a click-through on Facebook. Users clicked on an ad in their News Feed, which led to a targeted bot chat in Messenger.

New, integrated Messenger ads will allow you to learn about businesses and brands in a different way. You can find the advertising on the home page of the Messenger app between chat threads. Upon clicking an ad, you’ll view a web page or a Messenger conversation — whichever the advertiser prefers. If the destination is a website, the site will open up in the Messenger browser, which will keep you on the Messenger platform.

Ad Views and Interaction within Marketplace

In Marketplace, the advertising will appear like the ads in Facebook’s News Feed. However, the similarities stop there. You won’t be able to interact with the ads within the Marketplace platform. Instead, when you click an ad, you’ll end up on the advertiser’s landing page. Once there, you’ll be able to find out more about the product and purchase it if you like.

If you’re concerned about the ads confusing users, don’t worry. Fortune magazine writer Jonathan Vanian talked with Mike Manning, a Facebook spokesperson who stated that Facebook will distinguish the ads from items for sale by labeling them with the advertiser’s name and the word “sponsored.”

What Can Business Owners Expect in the Future?

Currently, Messenger ads offer the same audience-targeting options as Facebook advertising does. For example, Facebook ads target audiences based on information in user profiles. These targeting options will carry over to the ads on Messenger.
As of now, Messenger ads don’t use data from Messenger threads to target ad audiences. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t change. Facebook developers will monitor the experience carefully to determine future tweaks.
As for Marketplace ads, they are very much in the testing stage. A business can’t buy ad space on Marketplace at this point. Instead, Facebook is pulling ads from News Feed and using them on Marketplace as a way to test user response.

Only a limited amount of U.S. users will see the ads in the beginning. This response will dictate the next steps in this particular Facebook advertising campaign.

The new launches of advertising in Messenger and Marketplace have perks for advertisers and users. Messenger users can interact seamlessly with new businesses and brands. Marketplace users can get direct leads to products of interest. Advertisers will find more ways to get clicks and conversions. For both consumers and business owners, these ad campaigns are a win!

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