7 Tips for Improving Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Online marketing has grown immensely in the last decade and tools available for promoting companies, services or products over the internet are constantly developing, making email marketing look like baby play compared to other means of building clientele.

However, experts point out that, even though e-mail marketing has lost its popularity among marketing specialists, it still remains one of the cheapest and most productive ways to start and develop an online campaign to boost sales.

Customer relationships take time and effort to be initiated and “concreted”. But e-mail marketing can ease up the process, should you take into consideration marketers’ tips on how to use it effectively.

1. Organize Your Contacts List

This is the first step you need to take in order to make your e-mail marketing campaign work. Divide your contacts list into groups, containing old and new customers and clients who are difficult to approach or convince. This way, you will know where to insist on sending e-mails with aggressive marketing messages and where to direct messages containing discounts for faithful customers.

2. Test Your Marketing Emails

It is important for your messages to look good and professional, no matter what addresses they are sent to. Hence, you need to test them on different e-mail accounts, like Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail or Outlook, to make sure no errors occur.

3. Choose an Appealing Subject

Before reading your messages, your customers will be only seeing the subject, so it is essential that you carefully choose your lines, to convince your target customers to open your e-mail. Try to make a compelling case for your products or services in no more than five words.

4. Compose a Strong Message

When it comes to the content of your marketing e-mails, do not go for long texts. People have the tendency of abandoning reading when they see a too many lines. Resume yourself to a few strong lines, calling to action. Avoid verbosity and clichés. Try a sleek and modern approach or maybe find a witty wordplay.

5. Make Use of Visual Elements

It is already known that an image can make up for a hundred words. Take advantage of the visual elements at your disposal and make your messages as striking as possible. Use different fonts, colors, images or videos to retain your readers’ attention and insert a “click here” button to lure them into visiting your website or blog.

6. Keep Your Customers Up to Date

Emailing news has proven to be a safe way of keeping customers at your door. Do not neglect informing them on whatever promotion, discount or event you are having. Your content can describe old and new products, but you can also add coupons.

7. Keep an Eye on Email Analytics

Knowing how many people actually read your e-mails is vital to a marketing campaign’s success. This is where email analytics steps in. Monitor the open rate! Also, pay attention to the click-through rate. These will show you how effective your messages are and if they need more work.

Overall email marketing is still a useful tool in any marketing campaign, and with tools out there like MailChimp that make email marketing a breeze, it should be a part of every business owners web marketing strategy.


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