Is Your Website Mobile Friendly? Find Out Now in 30 seconds!

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With what Google has coined “Mobile Armageddon” now is the time more than ever to ensure that your website is mobile ready, or as we like to call it, responsive. As the internet grows and expands, so too do the needs of the users and web browsers. Gone are the days of Internet Explorer holding the reigns, and with smartphone usage on the rise, having a mobile friendly website is becoming almost imperative in this day and age.

Thankfully it has never been easier to make sure your website is responsive or mobile ready.

Test your site with Google’s mobile friendly tools

There are two options, one is quick and easy, and the other will provide a full report as to what areas of your website need improvement.

PageSpeed Insights – Mobile Friendly Test – Fast Option

Think With Google – Test My Site – Full Test with Report

Either option is viable and both have their merits, it takes less than 30 seconds so you can probably do both and get a full picture as to how well your site is performing as well as whether you are mobile friendly or not.

Go one step further and check your structured snippets

Now you may have a mobile friendly site, but chances are there are still areas that you can improve the user experience, load times, and overall website aesthetic.  Google also provides a tool for testing these on your website and it is a good idea to make sure that your website is error-free in order to give you the best chance of success for ranking organically in Google.

Rich Snippets Testing Tool – Test Your Websites Structured Data

If you are running a WordPress website there is a really useful plugin called
All in One Rich Snippets that can make it much easier to manage your stuctured data from pages and posts.  This will save you the headache of programming or working with your web team to implement code.

Lastly it is recommended that you link your website to Google’s Webmaster Tools Search Console to get any updates on pertinent issues on your website. Things like sitemap errors, crawl errors, or other usability errors will show up here and give you the information you need to ensure you have a fully optimized website.

We hope you found this information useful and hope that everyone out there ensures they have a mobile friendly website. As we head towards 2017 there will be the highest percentage of people EVER browsing websites from mobile devices, and you want to ensure that your business can effectively serve your potential customers a positive experience.

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