Content Marketing for Your Brand in 2023

There’s never been a better time to be a content marketer than NOW. The value of content marketing has increased tremendously as search, social, email, and display channels are all beginning to rely on the content as a marketing tool.  This isn’t the age of old where any ol’ content would get it done.  No sir, this is a brand new age upon us, where meaningful content has real value, and the rest, well, not so much.

Google is starting to recognize that real meaningful content matters, and so should your audience. Fade Digital relies heavily on content marketing and believes this is one of the greatest ways to grow your online marketing presence and works extremely well for Search Engine Optimization.

What is it? There’s old-school marketing, where you blast people with reasons why your company is great, and then there’s content marketing. It’s where you demonstrate your expertise through the content you produce, whether that is articles on your website, industry publications, webinars, research papers, etc.

It’s nothing new, though. It’s one of the oldest but most effective methods. The way to go about content marketing is to create a mission statement for your content and focus on quality over quantity and base it around specific keywords.

So what? In light of Google’s anti-spam, anti-thin content algorithm updates over the past 2 years, content marketing is by far the best long-term SEO strategy and a great lead gen strategy for B2B companies. Rather than trying to get visitors to your website to get in touch with you immediately, have them download a whitepaper, sign-up for a webinar, or a newsletter instead. Your audience will be much more receptive to your message if they are getting real value from your content.

Fade Digital offers this strategy to help grow Toronto-based companies Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing potential.

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