Copywriting 101 – Hiring a Professional Content Writer

There are numerous types of content you’ll want to create as part of your SEO strategies. Videos, podcasts and images are all popular. But nothing is quite as popular as written content. Blogs in particular are an easy, effective way to engage with customers, boost brand awareness and increase your site’s position in the search results.

Written content is vital to the success of a website. Unfortunately, many internet marketers don’t take the proper steps to ensure they publish the best content possible.

Digital content moves much faster than print. There’s a rush to be first with the breaking information. Sometimes this leads to a variety of mistakes in branded copywriting.

A typo here and there isn’t the end of the world. Repeated errors and a lack of professional writing ability, however, will lead to a lack of trust on the part of potential customers.

Want to make sure you only publish the very best content? Here are a few helpful tips:

Spell check Isn’t Enough

Spell check only checks for, well, misspellings. Errors like using the wrong “there/their” or “your/you’re” will pass a spell check with ease. Simple mistakes erode customer confidence. Is this inattention to detail reflected in the products or services sold, too?

Review Before Publication

After you finish a piece of content, set it aside for at least 15 minutes. Give your brain a chance to rest and think about something else. Then re-visit your content. Reading and editing a piece of writing with fresh eyes will help you spot mistakes you’d otherwise miss.

Edit with Help

Treat every piece of content as if you’re the final person to proofread it before publishing. But try not to actually be that final person. If you write a piece of copy, ideally you should then pass it on to someone else for additional editing. Someone less attached to the piece will be able to edit with impartiality.

Be Wary When Copying and Pasting

Copying and pasting info from one document to another might seem like an easy time-saver. If you’re not careful, however, you can set yourself up for embarrassment. Content calendars, templates and other “shortcuts” should be used with care.

The main problem is repeating a mistake throughout the new content. Leaving in wrong product names, dates and other specific info looks sloppy and adds confusion.

Your best bet is to start new projects with blank pages. A mistake caused by a template can waste more time than you’d save my simply starting from scratch.


Small writing errors in your branded copywriting can add up quickly in terms of customer confidence. Internet marketers don’t always see the value in hiring professional content creators and copy editors. After all, people don’t really notice error-free writing because they’re too busy absorbing the information presented. But people will notice mistakes! Fortunately, if you follow the four guidelines above, your copy should be easy-to-read, professional and engaging.

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