10 Content Marketing Tools for Publishers

Content marketing relies on your creativity and willingness to put in the work. However, in recent years there have been new content marketing tools released which can make the process of content marketing far easier.

From prospecting tools through to relationship managers, there is software that can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. In this article, we’ll look at the top ten that you might consider using to give a boost to your campaign performance.


HARO or Help a Reporter Out is a daily email list which will send you relevant journalist inquiries. You can easily reply with some information to any relevant queries and might end up featured in a magazine, online news outlet or a guide.

HARO isn’t going to score you hundreds of new links each month, but it takes very little time and can earn you some important links. Content marketing Toronto is made easier by HARO, you can often find location specific queries.


Buzzsumo is a tool which you can use to find out how much ‘buzz’ an article is getting. It shows you metrics from a range of different social medias to give you an idea of what content is performing well, and where it does best.

This tool is excellent for planning your content marketing strategy.


Buzzstream, not to confused with Buzzsumo, is an email outreach and relationship management tool. It allows you to track your emails and relationships, making reaching out to website owners a breeze.

This tool is an absolute must for anybody working on larger campaigns. There’s no way to efficiently keep track of all of your contacts and automate follow-ups without using an outreach management tool.


Ahrefs was originally developed as backlink research tool but has since added a range of other features. It’s excellent for content marketers because you can use it to see what content got the most backlinks for your competitors. Similarly, you can see where those links are from.

This tool gives you a list of excellent ideas to build on and a database of websites that you know love to share that kind of content.


Buffer is a social media planning tool, excellent for making sure that you’re promoting all of your content regularly on social media.

You can load up a range of tweets to market your newest piece of content and have them blasted off periodically.


Quora is an excellent Q and A site that is used by hundreds of thousands of users each day. If you’re running out of content ideas the jump on here and see what questions people are asking.


Sending out a daily email is a pain. Mailchimp is like Buffer but for your email list. You can create a regular sequence and have it sent out to your list whenever you want.


Keeping track of everything that goes on during a content marketing campaign is a pain, especially if you’re working with others.

Trello is by far the easiest task management tool and makes keeping track of everything much easier.

Google Calendar

Some campaigns will require everything to line up correctly. Certain content might need to release at a set time and emails sent at different intervals. Google Calendar is the easiest calendar tool to use with a team because you can invite other to your events. This is perfect for a larger digital marketing agency.


IFTTT or If This Then That, is an excellent tool that allows you to automate repetitive tasks. For example, rather than posting on Twitter and then going over to Facebook and copying the same message, IFTTT will automate it for you. This tool can save your digital marketing agency valuable time on a large campaign.

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