Five Website Design Principles for Dummies

Although it’s impossible to pinpoint exactly how many new domains are registered on a daily basis, we all know the web isn’t getting any smaller. Hundreds of millions of sites exist, selling everything from socks to Palomino ponies. How to differentiate yours? And, in a world of SEO, where Google is King, does it really matter what your site design looks like as long as people are finding you?

The short answer is, yes. While search optimization and social media efforts might get people to visit your website, their experience once there is still very important. The style and layout of your website is what grabs your customer’s attention, tells them who you are, and gives them a good idea of what you do, almost instantly. At least, you hope it does.

With the proliferation of DIY website-building programs out there that don’t require you to write code, it’s tempting to forgo the designer fees and just build your own site. But what should you be aiming for when doing so? Well firstly, think of your customer. No matter what product or service you offer, know that most people are very busy. Therefore, one of the first things to consider is…



We know it’s an ad agency. We know exactly where and how to find out more about them. But it’s not enough to show a client where to go; you have to help them get there, which brings us to…

Ease of Navigation


The Wind Mobile site has more than cute hashtags; it also features seamless scrolling from offer to offer, making it easy for users to select exactly what interests them. So what happens when they’ve found what they are looking for?

Call to Action


The Second Cup website isn’t busy. The stark white background makes the simple text pop, immediately directing the eye to what the coffee company wants visitors to do next: click the orange button. But what if there are many possible actions that a potential customer can take?

Content Filters


This deal website provides a perfect example of what to do with an excess of content; after all, they curate all the daily deals from hundreds of group deal companies. Their secret? Excellent filters which allow users to see only what is relevant to them. If you have a lot to say, make sure it’s possible for bombarded customers to get rid of whatever they don’t want to hear.

A side benefit of having tons of relevant content is that even if your readers don’t read it all, the search engines will love it. Google will eat it up with a knife and fork.

All of the above is nothing without the most important design element:



Okay, so you’re not as big as Ikea. It really doesn’t matter; by simply showing your product and your price together, in the same slider, you effectively communicate your message while showing customers you’re transparent and above-board about the service.

These simple layout designs will keep people on your page long enough to convert them into customers…and they are easy enough for even a novice to design. All you need to bring is your passion for your own business.

Whether you like it or not, your site is making an instant impression on visitors. Don’t miss the opportunity to make it a good one!

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