Using Facebook Ads for Lower Cost Lead Generation

Facebook is a great resource when developing leads for your marketing campaign. While a digital marketing agency will probably help you get the best results possible, there are also many effective strategies anyone can implement.

The Goal of Facebook Ads

As the world’s largest social media platform, Facebook has a lot to offer no matter what product or service you provide. You can identify and target potential consumers who are likely interested in your brand – even if you operate in a relatively small and obscure niche.

The key to success is to use Facebook the right way. Your Facebook Ad campaign shouldn’t be designed to drive sales directly. Instead, Facebook ads are best used to develop leads and a long-term relationship between shopper and brand.

The first step is to offer useful content. Clicking on your Facebook ad takes the reader directly to a blog post or other information-based content. Viewing this content requires no opt-in. Brand promotion is also kept to a minimum.

The next step is to re-target everyone who clicked on the first ad and spent some time looking at your content. This second contact introduces a new piece of content, only now there’s an opt-in. In exchange for an email address, the reader gets access to an in-depth guide, webinar or other content. Note this second piece of content should be more substantial than the first content offered.

Prices of Facebook Ads

There’s no particular limit to how much a brand can spend on Facebook advertising. The price of ads is determined by a few factors including the type of bidding and the audience targeted. You want to make sure your cost per conversion makes sense for your budget. Internet marketing firms recommend the following strategies when developing a Facebook ad campaign:

Accurate Ad Targeting

Facebook ads are only effective when they reach the right audience. Most Facebook campaigns should be interest targeted instead of targeted by demographic. Identify three or four key interests most of your target audience shares.

One exception to this is if you’re promoting a brick and mortar business. In that situation, you’ll want to target by geographic area.

Most of your Facebook ads will be directed towards a cold audience. These are people who don’t know your brand, but who have interests which indicate they’re a likely customer. For a cold audience, online marketing firms typically recommend an Audience Size between 500,000 to 900,000 people.

After identifying your target audience you’re ready to send out an offer. Does the content of the ad show an understanding of what the consumer wants, and clearly explain how the product offered provides a solution?

Your ad also needs to be immediately engaging. One effective strategy is to ask a question. While obviously the copy and design of the ad is important, proper targeting is the most important driver for conversions.

A Facebook Ad Campaign for Your Small Business

A Toronto SEO agency is a great resource when conducting a Facebook Ad campaign. Social media allows you view a variety of useful data about your target audience. With the right internet marketing agency by your side, your Facebook ads can develop high quality, cost effective leads.



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