Full Service Online Marketing for Your Business

As a business owner you know you need to connect emotionally with your clients. This is true whether you’re painting their houses, serving them food, or preparing their legal briefs. In a big city like Toronto where there’s tons of choice, the days of customers putting up with gruff, mediocre or indifferent service are long gone (unless you happen to own the only 24 hour convenience store in deep suburbia).

Before you even meet people face to face, though, chances are they have already connected with your business – either they found you through a search engine, or read reviews about you, or saw your gorgeous products on Pinterest. If you want your online revenues to grow from trickle to flood, you can’t afford not to have a web presence that stands up to your competition. But if you think SEO is a California sorority, you probably need some help to develop a presence on the internet that gets you seen, felt and heard in all the right ways.

So what are the young folks listening to these days? As a full service online marketing firm in Toronto, Academic Ads has its finger on the pulse of the industry’s trends. The company acts as a one-stop shop that can take you from online invisibility to social media superstar. It offers a complete package of marketing, sales, promotions, and internet marketing tools with measurable results that allow for full accountability of your online ad dollars, clicks, calls, and emails. So how does it all work?

Academic Ads uses a proven process to first understand your needs and develop a winning online advertising campaign that uses the right tone, style, content and approach. Every step of this campaign is then controlled and monitored to ensure targets are being hit. Finally, Academic Ads analyzes the results and makes recommendations for next steps. So whether it’s a small piece of functionality, a brand new website or a huge campaign, you will know what works best, and be able to repeat and enhance it.

To break it down further, here are just a few of the ways Academic Ads can specifically help you grow your business online:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Grow your brand organically by ensuring people can easily find you online in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Social Media Marketing (facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest etc.): According to Marketingmag.ca, shoppers aren’t yet bored of brand posts on facebook; social engagement with such content rose 180% year over year, while ad click volume went up 125% in the same timeframe. And the other social media sites aren’t far behind. Academic Ads can create and manage your active social media profiles and engage with your customers to grow your brand’s social presence.

Conversion Rate Optimization: Are people clicking on your website and then clicking off again without buying a thing? Make your marketing efforts count by converting your visitors to actual customers.

Mobile Marketing: Tap into the enormous potential of mobile advertising – with more people poised to use their mobile phones to go online than PCs, new platforms that optimize mobile device use are constantly evolving. Taking advantage of these specialized platforms can rocket your business to the next level.

To sum it up…Academic Ads brings to the table decades of experience, a high focus on its clients, proven years of success, the most cutting edge methods and some of the most intellectual and savvy minds in the industry. It’s not hard to see why Academic Ads is the agency of choice for all your online marketing needs! Contact us today to see how we can help you reach your online marketing goals.

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